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Annie Mitova

Hendro's photography has always been very inspiring to me. His images tell a story in a very captivating way. Whenever I look at his work I discover a new more beautiful world I am a part of. The beauty of nature captured in a moment to make it lasts forever. Hendro's images are nothing short of a masterpiece.


Suheri Arno

I know him as Dodo, that’s what people call him.  He is a young, talented and awe-inspiring photographer.

I am saying this because to me, he has an extraordinary talent in capturing the beauty in various area of photography, ranging from portrait to landscape, from Macro to Astro, and not to mention, Human Interest.  This is essentially due to his remarkable hard work and avid passion in photography industry.

Over the years, he had been winning a number of prestigious Photography competitions both locally and internationally.

One valuable additional advantage for Dodo is having a great support, encouragement and learning experience from Novijan  (Senior Multi Talented Photographer), who makes Dodo who he is now, besides his ever growing passion and efforts.

Recently he has spread his aptitude to Fine Art Photography and becoming a printmaker with upshots that are as remarkable as his photography fine art. But for me, his most exceptional talent is he as a Fine Art Landscape Photographer.


Ben Mandell

Hendro with a camera = passionate in-the-moment photographer. I have had the pleasure of sharing a dive boat with Hendro which resulted in many great shared experiences through the window of underwater photography. There is no doubt Hendro is skilled, gifted, dedicated, obsessed, and much more but what makes Hendro unique is his kindness and willingness to connect with anyone interested in photography from the beginner to the fellow professional. What a cool dude!


Edoardo Spacca

Hendro uses lights and lenses like painters do with colours and canvas.

His photography is art as it goes beyond the moment into the never-ending. Portraits are stories that fathers tell their sons, landscapes tales that lovers narrate each other, animals and action are nature and mankind as beautiful as they get.

The creativity and technical skills are paired to produce what are truly moving images that immediately capture the viewer talking to the heart. Each picture is like a magic window that allows everyone to see truly spectacular views of our world.

Hendro’s work does not need watermarks for its uniqueness is his signature.


Danny Lumanto

A good friend; skillful, passionate photographer.. willing to do the unthinkables to catch a moment..

His dedication and passion in photography has brought him to many places all over the world..


Jeffrey Surianto

Hendro Hioe, a reliable photographer that I know.When we first met, he is very quiet and very critical on certain things. However, as time passes I know Hendro as a personal person who is very strong and persistent, especially when chasing moments in photography. The result baffles our eyes. I adore him for his incredible journey to chase the northern light and all his diving expedition.

Hendro, that I know, is a very friendly and sociable person, and he is the kind of person that gives positive motivation to other photographers, encourage them, and share all his knowledge.


Derek Kind

I had the good fortune of meeting Hendro one day in Iceland. A skilled photographer and one of the friendliest people I have encountered on my travels, he was kind enough to invite me along on an ice cave tour, an experience I would have missed if not for him. I am thankful for that opportunity and for his friendship and look forward to our next encounter!


Martha Suherman

I met Hendro Hioe about 8 years ago. He is a good friend, a good mentor and an inspirational photographer for me. Very passionate person and high dedication to his passion. I always love to hear his stories after his journeys.  Every single story  is always a mind blowing story for me. I still cannot believe there’s such a person with such an amazing dedication, but it’s truly exist after you meet Hendro.


Jashim Salam

Hendro Hioe is a great man with outstanding personality devoted totally in the world of photography.

His interest revolves on landscape, nature and under water photography.

Hendro works so hard to bring out the best of nature on his creative frame.

He travels around the globe to find the beauty of nature and captures his subject brilliantly with great light and composition.

I am honored to be his friend.


Rarindra Prakarsa

Ive known Hendro since 2009. What I really know about him is he always learning and learning photography. Try to find best teacher for himself although he has plenty medals from photo contests and exhibitions already.

And he is good photo traveler as well. Come to where to the places which actually not easy to reach.  Hopefully he will explore his beautiful country more to enrich his portfolio.


Kay-Burn Lim

Hendro Hioe, photographer, videographer, traveller and adventurer.

Hendro is a meticulous photographer that goes through great lengths to record the perfect image. His landscape and portrait photography skills are impressive as are the locations that he has traversed to capture nature's beauty.

It is my distinct honour to have had the pleasure of diving with Hendro in Mexico, photographing the Great White sharks of Guadalupe. It was during this trip that I fully understood the extent that he will go to capture nature's finest. Meticulous in his setup and always looking for new angles and opportunities. The preparation and planning he undertakes are reflected in his award winning work.

I am proud to be able call Hendro not only one of my favourite photographers but also my very good friend.


Rafli L Sato

Photography is an essential tool in the publishing industry. Not many manuscripts in a publication can be perfect because of the presence of a photograph. Hendro as I know in person, can give a different touch of the results of his shots, from his diligence and thorouching in taking the expected photos. His exploration in several years was seen in the awards gained in the world of photography


Sofi Aida Sugiharto

Hendro is my Nephew and my dive Buddy. we had a common Interest in Photography and Underwater Photography. One thing that I know about him is he is not easily to give up, adventurer and looking for a challenge, the harder it takes the more he took it seriously until it comes as outstanding Photograph. All his shot was taken with observation, calculation, prediction and Always with Preparation that I never Image before. Lighting is one of His fine skills. He always Travel Alone seeking for his Sanity in photography and turn it into a masterpieces.


Windiarto Tjandra

I’ve seen all his underwater works, and I have to say is that Hendro Hioe is not only showing beauty and the moment. More than that his photographs are presenting his talent and excellent abilities as a photographer. Indonesia needs a person like him who has the talent and photographic skills to showing the world how beautiful the Underwater accross indonesia, which will make people understand and appreciate the ocean, biodiversity.


Arief Yuhdo Wibowo

Hendro's photography began as an exercise to produce artistic and beutiful images from the places that were not familiar to most Indonesian.Learned that we need to travel to find unique moment of nature. His photography sometimes become the sequence of a process of selecting, isolating, and enhancing a subject by finding unique moments and things, he using techniques to enhance the most striking taste elements ,yes he done it with his heart, soul and sweat.


Anthony Dea

I met Hendro Hioe about 8 years ago. He is a good friend, a good mentor and an inspirational photographer for me. Very passionate person and high dedication to his passion. I always love to hear his stories after his journeys.  Every single story  is always a mind blowing story for me. I still cannot believe there’s such a person with such an amazing dedication, but it’s truly exist after you meet Hendro.

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