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The Kingdom of Whale " TONGA "

Tonga a Constitutional Kingdom in South Pasific consist of 5 major islands which is Eua, Ha'apai, Vava'u, Niuas, Tongatapu. Tonga Located just right on the International Time Border. Tonga have Official name " Kingdom of Tonga " and a nick name " Kingdom of Whale ".

September 2019 ,Flight from Fiji took us to Vava'u a part of Tonga. Small Airport with high Traffic during the peak of Whale season. The island it self looks empty but busy with Majority Underwater photographer from around the world and some backpacking Tourist. Walking around the city needs only less then 30 min, very small, and everybody knows everybody. All the people in this island are so nice, so Polite.

Vava'u is also famous for the hidden bay where all the sail boat in southern Pasific are stopping by. The bay is even more busy with the boat traffic in the Whale season, there are 32 Boat Operated by few whale swim Companies. Goverment put a strict rules in this whale business and limited license.

Everyday we're Out from the Bay Looking for the whale in North bay or West bay which is Calmer water but less whale. Going to the South bay is a Challange with a 2 -3 m Swell with winds speed 22-26 Knots with a lot of Whale. Water temperature is 20 - 22 Celcius, but trust me you will prefer to stay in the water with that kind of wind speed cause its more warm.

Encounter with the Humpback whale and the Calf is everyday here in Tonga during the whale season, but to be able to get closed with the Humpback whale is a different story. First you need a luck to get a Humpback whale which is Crazy and don't care about your present, secondly you need to be ready Mentally to swim in Blue water and Physically to swim very fast. Third you need a calm water and calm wind to make your swim easier.

Day by day gone, 2 weeks passed, I start feel my body and my muscle sour. I started have a resistant from my leg to swim fast, and my leg start telling back to my brain to stop chasing. Time to Break, Till we meet again Next year.

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